General Dentistry

Are you looking for a dentist Brighton for general dentistry options. General dentistry encompasses variety of needs, from dental implant restoration to extractions and fillings. The practice utilizes advanced technology for patient comfort, convenience and safety.

State-of-the-art digital films are employed that reduce the amount of radiation dosage by up to 90 percent over traditional x-rays. The use of an OPG machine allows dental professionals to view the patient’s entire mouth, complete with wisdom teeth, without the need for referrals. The clinic is a one-stop resource for all types of dental needs.

The practice utilizes laser technology to clean small areas of decay, remove cold sores and for gum sculpting. The clinic provides an array of preventative services that includes fluoride treatments, comprehensive cleanings, and identification and treatment to avoid periodontal disease. Implants are available to replace a lost tooth, preventing other teeth from shifting and to maintain facial integrity.

Invisalign Melbourne and Orthodontics Brighton are available to straighten teeth and remedy conditions ranging from over and under bites to misaligned teeth. Using a set of graduated liners that’s custom made for the individual, the modern type of braces don’t interfere with a patient’s regular activities. They involve no metal and wires like old-fashioned methods.

Your local dentist provides veneers and crowns to protect teeth following a root canal, deep cavity treatment, and restore damaged teeth. The restorations are part of general dentistry services employed to cover worn, discolored, broken and misshaped teeth. They’re also effective as a remedy for bite-related problems and are beneficial as a means of improving the appearance of a smile.

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Dentists can regularly offers online new patient specials to help individuals save money, identify any existing problems, and ascertain any areas of future concern. The consultation includes x-rays, a comprehensive exam, and a dental treatment and management program.

The dentist elwood combines more than 30 years of experience with minimally invasive techniques for patient comfort. The practice offers multiple treatment options and advanced technology to quickly correct existing dental problems and help patients maintain a superior level of oral health. Book an appointment today