Epping and West Ryde Physio Offers Multiple Options for Health and Wellness

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Physiotherapy-pageEpping, NSW – Feb. 7, 2016 – Physiotherapy at the Epping and West Ryde clinics of Northern Districts Physiotherapy Eastwood (NDPE) is focused on providing assessments, maintenance and restoration of physical function and performance. Therapies are designed to ease pain, rehabilitate, reduce the risk of injury, and help the body perform optimally.

Commonly known as physio, physiotherapy services encompass a multitude of techniques and methods for addressing chronic disease, neurological dysfunction, biomechanical imbalances, pain, injuries and sports performance. The clinics provide services for children and adults, special online offers for new patients, and late hours for patient convenience.

Physiotherapy plays a major role in managing chronic diseases ranging from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease to spinal stenosis, cerebral palsy and Parkinson’s disease. Therapies promote mobility, strength, endurance and range of motion. It helps in the management of scar tissue, sensation and being aware of the space the body occupies.

The clinics utilize GaitScan™ technology to detect and identify biomechanical issues for treatment before they can develop into chronic dysfunctions. Custom orthotics can be prescribed to alleviate pain, align the spine, and address conditions that include pigeon-toes and knock-knees. They help those with deformities, misalignments and are helpful when immobilisation is required.

Massage therapy and dry needling are two of the best known physio methods offered to help patients manage pain, aid in reducing the risk of injury, improving circulation, and stimulating healing. It’s beneficial for enhancing sports performance, maintaining mobility and relieving anxiety. The therapies are helpful for smoking cessation, anger management and weight loss programs.

Prescription exercise, stretching and clinical Pilates programs aid in rehabilitation, maintaining motion and for those recovering from surgical procedures. Mobilisation and manipulation therapy helps in retraining muscles in the proper way to move and assists patients who may be unable to fully participate in their therapy.

Therapies at Epping and West Ryde help patients be the best version of themselves they can be. Therapies encompass a full range of techniques and methods to address pain, prevent injuries, enhance sports performance, maintain movement and treat chronic conditions. Therapies are available for children and adults that have been injured at work, in vehicle accidents, during sports participation and those who require rehabilitation.

For more information, call 02 9874 8410 or visit NDPE online to learn about special offers for new patients.


A Physiotherapist Camberwell Eases Pain and Improves Function in Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Approximately 18 percent of Australians have been diagnosed with arthritis and 2 percent of those have rheumatoid arthritis for which they seek the services of a physiotherapist Camberwell at Total Physiocare. The clinic offers multiple therapies to address pain and help patients maintain mobility.
Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that affects the joints when an individual’s immune system attacks the fluid that surrounds joints. It causes inflammation that can become extremely painful, limit mobility, and result in disability. The disease affects more women than men and normally appears after the age of 40, but can affect any age group.
The chronic disease typically appears first in the hands and feet, though it can affect other organs ranging from the skin to blood vessels. In the early stages, symptoms may appear and then vanish, and vary in intensity. Over time, joints become deformed, move and shift from their proper positions.
Early symptoms may be overlooked or attributed to strain or overuse. Joints swell, become tender and feel warm. Individuals are stiff upon rising and the stiffness may last several hours. Fatigue, fever and weight loss is common, along with bumps of tissue that appear under the skin on the arms. As the disease progresses, it spreads to other joints on both sides of the body.
A definitive cause for rheumatoid arthritis hasn’t been discovered. Research indicates that genetics may play a part in making some individuals more susceptible to infections and viruses that may act as a trigger. Rheumatoid arthritis can be complicated by osteoporosis, lung disease, heart problems and carpal tunnel.
Physiotherapy focuses on preventing joint damage, controlling symptoms and relieving pain. Gentle exercise is a key element in treating rheumatoid arthritis and physiotherapy Camberwell will prescribe an exercise program tailored to the individual and their abilities. Exercise is specially designed to strengthen, condition, and may include clinical Pilates, low-impact aerobics or yoga.
Treatments may encompass electrotherapy, infrared, ultrasound and the application of heat or cold therapies. Hydrotherapy lessens the stress on joints and facilitates a greater range of function and mobility. Therapeutic massage relaxes muscles and soft tissues for greater flexibility and the alleviation of pain.
In some instances, a joint replacement may be indicated and the clinic provides rehabilitation. A physiotherapist Camberwell at Total Physiocare will help patients learn new or different ways of moving that places less stress on joints and an orthoses can assist when deformity is present.
For more information, call 03 9882 3291 or visit Total Physiocare online.

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Ballajura Dentist Check-ups Help Detect Early Diseases of the Body

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A Ballajura dentist does far more than help patients maintain oral health. The dentist is often the first to observe signs and symptoms of conditions ranging from diabetes and osteoporosis to heart disease and cancer. Regular cleanings are an easy way of reducing the risks.
An unhealthy mouth has been associated withdementia. Research has demonstrated that those who skip brushing or brush less than once a day are 65 percent more likely to develop the disease. Research indicates bacteria from gum disease may enter the brain via the blood stream and cause inflammation.
The early warning signs of diabetes can be detected by the dentist. Loose teeth, inflammation and bleeding gums are all symptoms that afflict diabetics. Those with diabetes are more susceptible to complications and heal slower, making early detection essential.
Dry mouth may seem like a simple problem, but it can result in major problems. Saliva works to wash debris and bacteria from the mouth, preventing it from collecting on the teeth. Dry mouth can have multiple causes, including diabetes, Parkinson’s disease or medications.
An eating disorder is easy to identify by a Ballajura dentist, no matter how much the patient tries to hide it. Bleeding gums, dry mouth, poor nutrition and erosion of the teeth are all signs of anorexia and bulimia.
The bacteria generated in periodontal disease can increase the risk of heart disease by up to 53 percent, contributing to the formation of plaque in arteries and clots that interfere with circulation.Those who receive regular cleanings and scrapings reduce their risk of heart attack by 24 percent and of stroke by 13 percent.
Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones and that thinning and deterioration often appear on dental films before patients are aware there’s a problem. The condition is most common in post-menopausal women and symptoms may include a receding gum line or loose teeth.
Dr. Gregory Chang, owner of The Heights Laser Dental Centre, is a preferred Ballajura dentist, offering general and cosmetic dentistry for a variety of needs. Advanced technology and extensive experience combine to keep mouths healthy and detect early signs of physical disease.
For more information, call 08 9343 5900 or visit.The Heights Laser Dental Centre online.

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A St. Leonard’s Physiotherapist has a Primary Focus on Pain Relief

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A St. Leonard’s physiotherapist is a mobility expert, with extensive knowledge of how the body works, from the musculoskeletal to neurological systems of the body. The movement specialists are highly trained in anatomy and biomechanics, allowing them to create specialised treatment and management programs tailored to meet the needs and goals of the individual, with a focus on pain relief.
The physiotherapists at St. Leonard’s have a whole body approach to healing and mobility that treats the underlying cause of injuries and dysfunction, rather than just the symptoms. Multiple therapies address gait behaviors and movement, problems associated with chronic conditions and diseases, and injuries sustained at work and play.
Relieving pain from injuries, musculoskeletal dysfunction and chronic conditions are a primary focus for a St. Leonard’s physiotherapist. Patients who are in pain can’t concentrate on treatment and rehabilitation properly and it will delay the healing process. Physiotherapy offers a non-invasive means of treatment that doesn’t rely on prescription pharmaceuticals, though medication may be indicated for pain immediately following an injury or a surgical intervention.
Many people don’t avail themselves of the benefits of physiotherapy under the mistaken belief that the method is only for those who sustain a catastrophic injury. Physiotherapy also addresses an extensive variety of conditions ranging from migraines, overuse injuries and back pain to sciatica, whiplash and cystic fibrosis.
Physiotherapy techniques encompass a variety of methods designed to improve and restore mobility arising from multiple causes. The practice can apply and remove casts and splints and patients have access to a full range of orthopaedic aids, from boots and braces to slings and crutches.
St. Leonard’s provides paediatric services to diagnose and treat motor development problems and sports injuries, along with congenital abnormalities and chronic diseases that include Cerebral palsy. The clinic can help with conditions that include pigeon-toes, bow-legs, knock-knees and discrepancies in leg length.
Therapeutic massage, dry needling and mobilisation are available, along with clinical Pilates and postural programs and gait assessments. A St. Leonard’s physiotherapist treats injuries, chronic diseases and provides rehabilitation, all with a focus on relieving pain, improving mobility and function, and enhancing quality of life.
For more information, call (02) 9438 1782 or visit St. Leonards Physiotherapy online.


Renew Clinic’s Founder Weighs the Pros and Cons of Anti-Wrinkle Injections

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Anti-wrinkle injectionshave gained popularity exponentially in recent years as a means of remaining youthful looking by hiding the fine lines and wrinkles that accumulate with age. The internationally known Renew rejuvenation clinic in Australia is a leader in premiere skin rejuvenation techniques for discerning clients from around the globe.
Renew’s founder, Prof. Mark Ashton, noted that before opting for any type of any anti-aging procedure, it’s important for clients to understand the benefits and risks. The anti-wrinkle injections at the clinic utilize a natural protein that’s derived from bacteria, purified and diluted with saline. The method elicits far fewer side effects than other techniques.
Areas of concern that will receive treatment are identified prior to the procedure, allowing the specialists to strategically inject the solution at the location where it’s needed with pinpoint accuracy. The protein works by immobilizing the muscle by temporarily stopping signals from nerves to the muscle.
Typically performed as an outpatient procedure, it offers an increased level of safety and efficacy. The anti-wrinkle injections are particularly effective for crow’s feet, frown lines and wrinkles on the forehead. Lines on the forehead are especially troublesome for individuals, as it makes them appear angry.
Minimally invasive, the procedure requires no extensive recovery times and the anti-aging injections have multiple benefits for clients both physical and psychological. The treatment gives individuals a more relaxed and youthful looking visage that boosts confidence and self-image. The treatment can make clients appear up to 10 years younger than their chronological age.
The Renew clinic’s procedure doesn’t leave individuals with a frozen, waxy or paralyzed appearance that’s common with old-fashioned methods. The procedure allows clients to utilize a full range of facial expressions, but without creating new lines.
Even with the advanced technology and techniques available at Renew, Ashton noted that it’s important to understand that some clients may experience redness, itching and minor swelling at the injection site that can last up to 24 hours. Bruising is rare, but can occur. The injections may also reveal an underlying eyelid sag, or the targeted muscles may absorb the protein unevenly requiring an additional dose.
The anti-wrinkle injections offered by the Renew clinic provide discriminating clients with one of the safest and effective methods available for attaining a youthful looking appearance. Unlike permanent options that may create unpleasant results, the effects of the clinic’s injections are temporary and will fade in approximately six months.
For more information, call 03 9344 5050 or visit Renew online.


Osteopath Thornbury Offers a Whole Body Approach to Pain and Injuries

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Melbourne, Australia – June 13, 2015 –Osteopath Thornbury services from Premiere Sports & Spinal Medicine are specially designed to ease pain and address dysfunction in the musculoskeletal and neurological systems, along with connecting soft tissues. Passive and active therapies are available to treat all ages from infants to seniors.
Osteopathic techniques are non-invasive, hands-on, and don’t rely on prescription medications for efficacy. The practice’s osteopathic specialists utilize a wide variety of therapies to place the body in proper alignment, treat injuries and provide relief in chronic disease syndromes arising from neurological sources.
Even conditions that most patients consider minor have the ability to cause tremendous pain, worsen and result in disability without proper attention. Osteopathic medicine provides gentle, hands-on therapies for injuries incurred that can include hip and groin pain, stress fractures and Achilles tendon problems.
Osteopathic therapies have a variety of other advantages. They improve circulation, lower blood pressure and stimulate the immune system. Hands-on therapies elevate mood, are beneficial for those undergoing cancer treatments, and help remove toxins from the body.
The Thornbury osteopathic professionals treat chronic conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to chronic fatigue syndrome. Overuse and repetitive movement conditions sustained during work, sports and leisure time activities can all be addressed with osteopathic methods. The most common conditions for which patients see an osteopathic therapist is back and neck pain.
Neck and back pain affects more than 80 percent of the world’s population at some point during their lifetime. It can arise from improper lifting, insufficient warm-up before exercising, and even the wrong mattress or pillow. The result is the same – misalignments within the neck and spinal column that can lead to chronic pain if left untreated.
Osteopathy treats the whole body and provides a key ingredient for addressing overall well-being, health and functionality. It treats the underlying cause of pain, not just the symptoms. Therapies can be used alone or in conjunction with other techniques and technology to arrive at the best patient outcomes.
Osteopath Thornbury at Premiere Sports & Spinal Medicine provides multiple techniques, technology and hands-on therapies to ease pain, improve functionality, and address issues of the neurological and musculoskeletal system. Therapies also treat the needs of soft tissues to alleviate pain and dysfunction throughout the entire body.
For more information, call 9484 5712 or visit Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine online.


PhysiotherapistSt Kilda is a Leader in Relieving Shoulder Pain

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The physiotherapist St Kilda practice provides multiple therapies to alleviate pain, treat chronic disease, provide rehabilitation, and restore functionality. One of the most common conditions for which patients seek the assistance at Physical Healthcare is shoulder pain and dysfunction.
Shoulder pain can result from a wide variety of factors and cause symptoms ranging from pain and stiffness to limited motion and disability. The damage can be centered in the joint, muscles, tendons, cartilage or ligaments. Neurological damage may also be present.
St Kilda physiotherapists have the knowledge, expertise and advanced technology to accurately diagnose the exact cause and location of dysfunction. They conduct numerous strength, range of motion, resting and movement tests to pinpoint problems.
Repetitive motion and overuse injuries are the most common reasons for inflammation, pain and difficult movement, along with conditions that involve arthritis. Patients that perform the same motions as part of their employment and those who participate in sports such as rowing and tennis are at increased risk.
People that regularly lift heavy items, engage in weight lifting and participate in rough sports are also at risk. Fractures, poor posture and dislocations can cause immediate shoulder dysfunction and residual problems that can surface in the future.
Frozen shoulder, tendonitis and rotator cuff problems are other common complaints with which physiotherapists can help, along with rehabilitation following a surgical repair. Prescription exercise programs are tailored to the individual to strengthen the shoulder joint and restore motion.
Treatment may consist of warm and cold therapies or immobilization. A St Kilda physiotherapist can assist with activity modifications to alleviate stress on the joint, ease pain and stabilize the joint. Ergonomic recommendations for the home, workplace and during athletic activities are also available.
Physiotherapists may employ electrotherapy, ultrasound and hydrotherapy to keep soft tissues healthy, ease pain and rehabilitate injuries or following surgery. Therapeutic massage and carefully crafted exercise programs are effective for restoring mobility.
A physiotherapist St Kilda provides numerous therapies that can be used alone or in conjunction to relieve pain, improve mobility and increase functionality. Physiotherapy provides the means to heal and rehabilitate, increase mobility, and quality of life.
For more information, call 1300 581 625.

Special Savings Available for Clinicians on Chiropractic Online Paediatric Education Program

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Paediatric specialist, Dr. Glenn Maginness, announced that for a limited time he’s offering significant savings for medical professionals and students on his Chiropractic Online Paediatric Education program. The special offer includes bonus modules and 24 month access at a 43 percent savings. A payment plan is available.
“Individuals receive automatic access to modules as they’re updated to reflect evolving information, techniques and technology,” said Maginness.
The program is designed to provide chiropractic professionals with an increased level of competence and confidence when treating paediatric patients. The course provides practitioners with 85 continuing education and development credit hours for those in Europe, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and the UK.
It features six inclusive modules that build on the prior one for continuity, 130 videos and an extensive selection of interactive eBooks. A printable certificate is accessible upon successfully completing the course. Sessions can be viewed whenever it’s convenient using a desktop, laptop or iPad. Conducted completely online, the paediatric education course can be utilized 24/7 and professionals have immediate access upon payment.
Instructional modules begin with the initial consultation to determine existing problems and areas of future concern. Sessions progress through topics ranging from spinal adjustments and craniosacral therapy to the basics of operating an evidence-based practice. Special care must be employed in paediatric care and treatment management factors in the ongoing growth of children’s bones.
The Chiropractic Paediatric Education program offers professionals with the means to increase their patient base, but managing paediatric care is much different than adult treatment. It’s a specialized field that can be utilized to address developmental and neurological conditions, along with a myriad of chronic diseases and childhood disorders.
Chiropractic Paediatric Education modules enable chiropractic professionals to complete the program at their own pace, without taking time away from their busy practices. Chiropractic offers a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t rely on prescription pharmaceuticals and addresses the underlying cause of pain and dysfunction, a task that can be especially challenging with patients that may not be able to communicate the problems they’re experiencing.
The special pricing offer on the Chiropractic Online Paediatric Education program by its founder provides convenient continuing education that’s accredited in multiple countries. The program offers a knowledgeable and indispensable resource for those who plan to enter the field of paediatric chiropractic practice and established clinicians that want to increase their abilities, skills and improve patient acquisition.
For more information, call 0437 156 798, email c4k@netspace.net.au, or visit Online Paediatrics CPD Program online.

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